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Preity Zinta: It was my shaadi. And I will decide how to tell everyone about it

Ever since Preity Zinta tied the knot with American businessman, Gene Goodenough secretly, rumour mills have been working overtime. Speculation has been rife about the actress planning to sell her wedding photos, grant video rights and shift base to the US. In her first interview post marriage, the dimpled star clears the air and talks about her future plans
Your wedding spawned many stories. How has the marital experience been so far?
(Laughs) It’s not been a long time since I have got into this new phase of life. I am still getting used to it but it has been a great experience.
Why was there so much secrecy around your wedding? Life is not about making everything public. It was my shaadi yaar, and I will decide how I go around telling everyone about it. Sorry, but I can’t be telling people, ‘I have to tell you some secret, but please don’t share it with anyone.’
We heard that you are now shifting to Los Angeles and have been house hunting with your husband, Gene Goodenough.
Really? That’s great. But who is behind all this news? Imagine, Preity, who has been so attached to her roots, suddenly decides to change her base! Wow. No way, I am not going anywhere. I’ll be staying here. It’s just that the schedule will get a bit taxing as I will visit the US frequently. After all, I am married there (laughs)!
Why is Gene not in India with you?
He is working. But it’s not that he will not visit me. He will soon be here. People over here think and assume a lot. And that pisses me off.

Was the marriage ceremony a traditional Indian affair or was it a Christian wedding?

It was an underwater affair. He played the role of Jal-Under Singh (laughs). It’s a joke, please don’t believe it. Let everyone keep guessing as someone has gone overboard and said that I am selling or auctioning my wedding photos. Actually, media stretches things way too much. We haven’t decided yet whether we will sell the photos but even if we do, the money will be donated for a cause. Every penny, which we make after selling the rights, will be donated to the farmers of Maharashtra.
Have you done the phera dalna rasam (couple visiting the bride’s house after marriage)?
Since I am here in India, I will be visiting Dharamsala soon. However, if you are talking about my hometown and that particular ritual, it might take some time as both of us need to go there and seek the blessings of our elders.