Priyanka Chopra perfect choice ,to, portray me, on ,screen:, Asha, Bhosle
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Priyanka Chopra perfect choice to portray me on screen: Asha Bhosle

Legendary singer Asha Bhonsle thinks Bollywood actressPriyanka Chopra is the perfect choice to portray her character on-screen.
“Priyanka Chopra would be the perfect choice to portray me as she is a singer. Being a singer, she can express a singer well,” Asha said at the event ‘Timeless Asha’ concert organised on her 83rd birthday on Thursday.Asked about the legendary music composer and her husband RD Burman’s biopic, she said: “It should be made. People will get a chance to listen to his music. His unreleased, forgotten songs can be brought in front of everyone if his biopic is made.”
She recalled: “When I recorded the song ‘Aaja Aaja’, I was rewarded with Rs 500 by R.D Burman for singing better than Rafi Saab. Pancham (as Burman was popularly known) kept a bet on who would sing better.”
The singer went nostalgic as she spoke about how she celebrated her birthday as a child with her mother and as a wife with Pancham. “When I was a child my mother used to feed me sweets made by her on my birthday. After that Pancham used to give me unique gifts. I love to cook so sometimes he gifted something related to my cooking.”Asha also said that she considers every day as her birthday. “Every day when I get up is a birthday for me. Nobody knows about the future. Therefore, I try to spend each day differently, keep myself well, do good and that’s how I spend my birthday. Every day is a birthday for me.”About melody queen and elder sister Lata Mangeshkar who gave her blessings, she said: “Lata didi’s blessing is the biggest gift for me.”On request, she hummed one of her iconic songs ‘Do lafzon ki hai dil ki Kahaani’ from ‘The Great Gambler’.