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Recipe: Nachos Delight

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that nachos have been giving tough competition to our all time movie hall favourite, popcorns.

Not only that, it has invaded our kitchens. No one can go wrong with a classic cheesy nachos recipe for guests. But recipes are made to be tweaked, isn’t it?Here we bring to you a healthy and delicious take on nachos. Read on

Ingredients :-

Olives and Herbs Nachos (60 g approx)

Thai Sweet Chili Nachos (60 g approx)

Red Bell peppers 1 chopped

Yellow Bell peppers 1 chopped

Salsa Dip 50 g -Cheese Dip 50 g

Sliced Black Olives 50 g

Alphalpha Sprouts 20 g

Moong Sprouts 20 g

Iceberg Lettuce 1 Leaf Chopped

Tomato 1 chopped

Eggless Mayonnaise 50 g

Mint Mayonnaise 50 g

Red Bell Pepper 1 diced

Green Capsicum 1 diced

Salt to taste

Preparation Methods -Arrange a layer of olives and herbs Nachos alternating with cheese and herbs Nacho -Top each Nacho with alternating Salsa and Cheese Dip -Prepare a mixture in bowl by mixing all ingredients and salt to taste. -Place the prepared mixture over Nachos -Garnish it with shredded Cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce and black olives. -Season it and serve it fresh.