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Riteish Deshmukh to Noida students: Make the most of college

This was one filmi fresher’s party at Sharda University inGreater Noida. Bollywood actors Riteish Deshmukh andNargis Fakhri, stars of the film Banjo, were a part of it, and made it a fun occasion for students who got a chance to interact with them. A sizable crowd had gathered on the college grounds where a special stage had been erected for the stars. Chants of ‘Banjo, Banjo’ ehoed as soon as the emcees announced that Riteish and Nargis were on the campus, and it didn’t die down till the stars appeared on stage. On seeing the turnout and response of the crowd, Riteish said, “Thank you for coming out here in such huge numbers and for welcoming us with such warmth.”Riteish Deshmukh was asked if he had ever thought that his film career would bring him to a college campus in Noida, and he said, “It’s a good question. The truth is that I actually joined the film industry 13 years ago just so that one day I could get the opportunity to come here!”As soon as Riteish took the mic in his hand, the crowd started to chant Nargis’ name, to which Riteish laughed and said, “Yeah, I know a lot of you are here for Nargis! Trust me, I’ll keep it short.” Nargis took this as a cue to snatch the mic from her co-star, and exclaimed, “Hi everybody!” to loud cheers. Since Nargis started her career with Rockstar, which was also a musical, when asked if she preferes the genre, the actress replied, “It’s a different story, very different from Rockstar. That was a film about one artist’s journey, while this one is on how a band gets discovered. I won’t say much. You have to go see it for yourself.”Riteish jumped down from the stage and walked into the crowd, much to the surprise of the organizers and security personnel standing there. As guards and bouncers rushed to cover him, the actor happily shook hands with fans and distributed a few T-shirts he was carrying, before walking back to the stage (BCCL)The film’s lead pair unveiled a new song from the film, ‘Banjo Party Song’, which was played on a public platform for the first time. As the song played, the two stars broke into a jig, getting the crowd to dance along. Vicky, a fan, said, “Such songs are usually launched in big parties in five-star hotels. Noida should be proud ki ek aisa gaana stars ne yahan khud aa kar launch kiya hai.” Riteish and Nargis then threw a few Banjo T-shirts into the crowd, but since the stage was far from the barricades, most of the throws landed short. Seeing this, Riteish promptly jumped down from the stage and walked into the crowd. Before bidding adieu to Noida, Riteish parted with an advice for the students, “These are the best days of your lives that you are in right now. So don’t get ahead of yourself and live in the moment. Make the most of college.”