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Saif Ali Khan injures himself while shooting for ‘Rangoon’

The actor who had been shooting action sequences for Vishal Bhardwaj’s next, says injuries come with the territory.

Saif Ali Khan, who has been busy shooting for ‘Rangoon,’ Vishal Bhardwaj’s Casablanca-like love story set against the Second World War, in Arunachal Pradesh, has injured himself while filming the movie’s climax. He was spotted limping around with a crepe bandage wrapped around his left foot and bruises on his arms at mother-in-law Babita’s birthday party, on Tuesday.
The actor told Mirror, “There were a lot of action sequences on a bridge in the climax. I hurt my ankle, got a few cuts and bruises, such injuries are normal. The action sequences in our films are always strenuous but in this case it was a bit more, but that’s made it fun.”
Having shot in the remote interiors of Arunachal Pradesh, the actor is all praise for the unusual location, even comparing it to China. “Arunanchal is a really special place, I’m happy I got to see it. If you look beyond the man-made borders, it must be exactly like China! It’s nice to make an effort to get good locations to film. Look at Leonarado D’Caprio’s Oscar-winning drama The Revenant. We can’t keep shooting in the same places when our country is so rich and diverse,” he points out, adding that after Omkara, he wanted something special from Vishal and he gave him just that. “It was great working with Shahid Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut who are brilliant in the film.”The other film on Saif’s mind is the Hindi remake of Jon Favreau’s Chef with him in the title role. For the gastronomic adventure being directed by Raja Krishna Menon, will he be training with real chefs like Favreau did as part of his prep? “The prep will begin only in July,” he says shortly.”I agree with and understand Raja’s thought process. People have responded encouragingly to the idea, I have my fingers crossed,” he signs off.