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Salman Khan: Aamir didn’t point out a single flaw in ‘Sultan’

There is no doubt that Salman Khan’s Eid release ‘Sultan’ is shattering every possible record and the film, apart receiving critical acclaim and audience’s adulation, has received enough love from his friends from the industry as well.
One such actor who loved and even got emotional after watching ‘Sultan’ is Salman’s good friend Aamir Khan. Ever since Aamir saw the film, he hasn’t stopped raving about it. In fact, Aamir has been very vocal about how he absolutely loved the film and even cried after watching the film. The perfectionist star even mentioned that he immediately texted Salman to tell him how much he loved the film.
Yes Aamir did text me after watching the film and told me how much he loved it,” says Salman. Ask him if Aamir pointed out any flaw or areas of improvement in the film and Salman straight away denies. “No, not at all. Aamir didn’t point out a single flaw in ‘Sultan’. He said that the film was terrific and fantastic in every department – script, screenplay, action, performances, dialogue, music – everything.”

When quizzed which is the best compliment he has received post the release of ‘Sultan’, Salman said, “Audience watching the film over and over again is the biggest compliment for me.” There is no doubt that the actor, at 50, was seen at his fittest best in the film and women of all ages went weak in their knees to see their favourite star giving younger actors a run for their money. However, the actor credits his heroine Anushka and the team who made him look good in the movie. “Anushka made me look good in the film. Music, lyrics, dialogue, screenplay and director Ali Abbas Zafar made me look good in the film.”