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Shah Rukh Khan promises to bring AbRam to Noida

Shah Rukh Khan got the usual grand welcome from star-struck Noidawallahs when he was recently in the city. And the King Khan did not disappoint them, greeting everyone, clicking selfies with them and patiently answering their questions. Shah Rukh has a Noida connect – he co-owns an amusement park here. When a young fan asked him the reason behind opening an amusement park, of all things, SRK said, “For me, the biggest achievement in life is to be able to entertain children and to make them happy. That’s why I have three of my own!”

On his last visit in January, Shah Rukh had said he was impressed with the increasing number of options for a family outing in Noida. However, when asked if he would want to bring his family here, Shah Rukh said that his kids are now too old to visit or enjoy such places. “I thought of setting up an amusement park when Aryan and Suhana were young. Unfortunately, it took six years. Now, they are 18 and 16 (respectively). They don’t like going to amusement parks anymore. They prefer partying in nightclubs. But fortunately, I have a little one who will be thrilled to be here.”Elaborating on when he plans to bring AbRam to Noida, Shah Rukh said, “We have family in Delhi and there are a lot of kids among my friends too. So as soon as he comes to Delhi, I’ll bring him here. He is three years old now, so I really want him to visit some new kind of an amusement park now and I’m sure he will have fun.”The session, however, was not without its share of drama from over-enthusiastic fans. Many tried several tactics to get on stage with Shah Rukh, but were thwarted by the actor with his trademark wit. After he had finished responding to a question from a lady, she saw an opportunity to request a dance with him. Shah Rukh just smiled and responded, “I don’t dance with girls who question me!”
There was a flip side to the excitement as well. Chants of “Shah Rukh, Shah Rukh!” were so loud that the Q&A session had to be cut short as Shah Rukh said he could hardly hear the questions over the crowd. The actor cleverly avoided controversial questions too. When asked about his stand on the Tanmay Bhat video, in which the comedian spoofs Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar, Shah Rukh pointed to the kids gathered there and said, “It’s probably a little too early to expose all these kids to controversy, so we shall refrain from that.”