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Shatrughan Sinha in the spotlight at friend’s anniversary in Delhi

Actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha was the guest of honour at the 50th wedding anniversary of Captain UC Gupta (retd) and Veena Gupta. It was evident from the celebration that Shatrughan was quite revered by Gupta and his friends who did not leave his side for a second while he was at the party.


Bahut yaarana lagta hai
Ritu Gupta, daughter-in-law of UC Gupta, told us, “Shatrughan Sinha is like family, he is a very close friend of my father-in-law. They have known each other for decades, we have no clue how old this friendship is. The stories that we have heard is that they are friends from the era when film stars used to fly only by Air India. Whenever Shatrughan is in Delhi, he comes to meet him.”



wife Ritu Gupta (BCCL)

Kapil Gupta, son of UC Gupta who was introducing the guests, told us, “This is a very special occasion for us. I am usually not in Delhi, but this week, I am staying back for the celebration. I am glad that our guests could make it, especially Shatrughan sir. He can turn on the charm at any place.”

Master (1)


Jagdish Kaliraman with his wife Poonam Kaliraman (BCCL)

The more the merrier
Among those present were singer Kabul Rishi and former international wrestler Jagdish Kaliraman. Talking about his connection with the Gupta family, Jagdish told us, “Kapil and I know each other through our kids, so when he invited us for this party, we couldn’t say no.”

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Singer Kabul Rishi with wife Nishtha (BCCL)