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Simple rules at work to avoid harming your back

A simple stroll and an aligned posture at work could rid you of that bothersome backache.

You slouch as you walk from meeting to meeting. You sink deeper into your chair at work.

You stare at the computer from a wrong angle.Result? You go back home with a wretched backache.And for everything, you blame your workload! Sit up and take note. You can avoid harming your back, if only you follow a few simple rules…

Stop munching carb-rich and fried food at work.

Make a health basket in office and ask all your colleagues to put in a fruit or health food like roasted nuts.

Whenever anyone feels hungry, just munch on fresh, wholesome eats.

Stop ordering in and eating lunch at your workstation. Walk out of your cabin and go to the cafeteria.

Take a break every hour without fail. Walk around, stretch your body.

Try and go outdoors to inhale fresh air during breaks.

Use the staircase, not the elevator, to go to meetings. Use the restroom and water coolers on a floor above yours.

Maintain a good posture. Sit upright with your back and neck absolutely straight.