Sonakshi Sinha doesn't appreciate the media being too intrusive
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Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t appreciate the media being too intrusive

The ‘Akira’ actress Sonakshi Sinha is known to be bindaas and speak her mind; be it trolls on the internet or nosy mediapersonnel. In an interview with a daily, Sonakshi opened up about how she doesn’t appreciate when the media is too intrusive. While addressing stories about a report on her she termed false, Sonakshi said, “They are not only intrusive, but also irresponsible at times. Just because we are public figures does not mean that the media has the right to write whatever they feel like. We are also human beings. We, too, have people at home, and we are answerable to them.”She also said that some of the media reports about her life did bother her, and that the media needed to clarify any news on her before hand was important. She said, “Not every report is worth reacting to. But there are some that have repercussions on our families, so they need to be clarified. Clarifications are important to protect us and also for people to be aware of how false certain reports are. A publication should think 10 times before writing whatever they feel like, because social media reaches more people than papers do.”