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Sonam Kapoor may direct in a year or two

Sonam Kapoor, who turns a year older today, can not only zap you with her strong and uninhibited views on acting and films, but other worldly matters as well. In her 10th year as an actress in Bollywood, she calls 2016 more special than 2007, when she debuted in ‘Saawariya’ under the aegis of Sanjay Leela Bhansali.
The Kapoor kudi, who wants to evolve with every movie, told a daily that “Every year, you have to learn from every opportunity, mistakes, success and failures. You get to learn and evolve as a human being and an artiste. Every year is my best year. Every year, I have become better and my life has become better and wider because my main purpose is to become better – as an actor, artiste, human being, daughter, sister and even friend. I hope I become better every year; so I hope every year is my best year. We have to keep evolving.”
When asked if there’s a pressure of being Anil Kapoor ‘s daughter, the ‘Neerja’ actress has been quoted saying, “There’s a saying that not much grows under a banyan tree, but if sun shines bright enough, the shadow can grow. I will always be proud of my father’s daughter. He has worked very hard to give all of us a good life. I will never disrespect him by saying that there are pitfalls to being Anil Kapoor’s daughter. He’s the best dad, a great man and best artiste in the country. If I don’t work as hard as him to make him proud, then that will make me an irresponsible daughter. I revel in the pressure and I acknowledge it. And at the same time, there are no negatives to being his daughter. There are only positives.” While most of her contemporaries are focussed only on acting in front of the camera, Sonam doesn’t shy away from the fact that she’s keen to venture into filmmaking. In an interview to a daily, she said, “I want to direct films. That might happen in a year or two. I will keep acting. I want to work with a lot of good actors whom I have met in the industry; and Swara (Bhaskar) is one of them. I can’t direct my father, but he can direct me, if he wants. Dad and I are very similar as people, so there’s always going to be a clash, I guess (smiles). And I am very aware to not use my father to prop myself up. I don’t want his persona as an actor to be affected due to my shortcomings.”