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Sushant Singh Rajput: I want to be an actor than a star in Bollywood

Sushant Singh Rajput’s most-awaited movie ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’ may have triggered unbridled enthusiasm among cricket fans and movie lovers, but the actor sounds despondent at not being able to act in Shekhar Kapur’s delayed project ‘Paani’. The movie, which deals with a futuristic world where water is controlled by multinational companies, was supposed to go on the floors in 2013. But since then, the project is hanging fire, and Yash Raj Films, which was producing the film, has not given any clear indication whether it is going ahead with the project. Sushant was quoted as saying that when he was approached for the role, he couldn’t have asked for anything more since working with a director of Shekhar Kapur’s stature was a dream come true for any actor. According to him, this movie could have set his career on a path to new heights. His optimism is now tempered by concern over the fate of the project.Sushant even spent a considerable amount of time with Kapur discussing his role and it taught him a lot of things about acting and its nuances. The actor, who is busy these days promoting his upcoming movie, is not assailed by doubts and fear of failure despite the fact that this time there is big money riding on him. “I have always believed in giving my best for any movie, and I love taking risks,” says Sushant for whom it is more important to be an actor than a star in the film industry. Little wonder then that ‘Paani’ would have been crucial in terms of the actor’s career trajectory had things fallen in place.