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Sushant Singh Rajput met Dhoni’s ticket collector friends

For his next big release, Sushant Singh Rajput is going all the way to make sure he plays the role of the Indian cricket team’s Captain Cool, perfectly. It is learnt that the actor, before starting to shoot for the movie, spent time with MS Dhoni’s friends. Not many are aware that the cricketer was a railway ticket collector, once upon a time and his friends are still ticket collectors at Kharagpur junction.He spent a couple of weeks with three of them who were Dhoni’s room-mates in those days. He also accompanied them in travelling by the train in disguise and studied their mannerisms, so that he could adapt the same in the movie. The best part is that Sushant opted to stay with Dhoni’s friends at the railway quarters for the entire duration of his stay. He also played cricket on the same ground where the former captain played. The actor exclaims that the experience is sure to enhance his performance.