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TGIF: The Indian Politician’s Favourite Quotes

There’s usually a big gap between what politicians say and what they really mean.

Some examples:


Said: If my words have caused offence, I offer my regrets.

Meant: I said something really crass and I meant every word


Said: It was off the record

Meant: Me and my big mouth


Said: My statement has been taken out of context

Meant: Damn these smartphones


Said: My heart beats for India

Meant: Can I help it if I have a large family?


Said: We will set up a committee to look into it.

Meant: The truth will stay buried forever.


Said: My driver was at the wheel, I was fast asleep.

Meant: How did I miss that red light?


Said: Our aim is to lift every Indian out of poverty

Meant: How do you think I got where I am?


Said: The safety of women is our prime concern

Meant: Why do they have to go out at night?


Said: Everything is fine, the party is united, we are all working together.

Meant: Damn these dissidents, why does everyone want to be the boss?