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The Art Of Giving.

Many of us are earning a handsome salary, possess an expensive smartphone, a luxurious car and a nice house. We feel happy that we have so much! But we do see poor people going around begging for even a single meal a day!.

Most of us want to help them in some way and have a heart to help them also. But we may not know how to help them. Some of us might feel a little hesitant to approach the poor and needy around us. Most of the poor and needy are scared of approaching us because of the status differences. We found out a few ways of approaching the poor and needy and helping them out. We not only reaped their blessings, but also pleased God’s heart as well. Here is how we did it!


During September 2014, I had high fever and had to be admitted in a local hospital in Bangalore. In the room where I was staying, there was another bed occupied by a poor student who was admitted for some problem. He was put on oxygen the whole night and surprisingly there was no attendant to help him in any way.

Obviously his parents were staying elsewhere. He was found all alone without any help. The next day, after the oxygen was removed, we saw few of his friends, probably his college mates, visiting him and we heard them speak in a language we didn’t understand. All that we could understand was that he was anxious about something and was getting frequent calls. We heard the nurse compelling him to go for a bottle of blood infusion urgently. But he was firmly against the advice. The student demanded discharge, much against medical advice.

More than my health issue, his problem demanded my attention. Unable to contain our curiosity, we called the nurse and enquired about what was happening. The nurse was telling us that he was suffering from a rare disease called’ Sickle Cell Anemia’. This disease leads to extreme weakness and loss of memory even. However, he refused treatment as he had no money to pay even for the treatment already undergone.

The Doctors feared the risk of death if sufficient food and blood infusions are not given. However at his pressure they agreed to discharge him provided he pays the dues of Rs.4000/-. All that his friends could raise was only Rs.2000/-.We found this student sitting on a chair very upset, holding his heads and weeping for the balance amount. He didn’t have money, even to buy his food. For his medical condition, food was very important.

When we saw this pitiable state, our heart was moved. At this point of time, we felt that the purpose of my admission was mainly to help this poor student find his way out. We gave Rs.2000 to him as our contribution. With that amount along with the amount he had, he could manage to get discharged. But now, no money for even the next meal and for the minimum medicines prescribed costing Rs.1800/-. Lord moved our heart again and we decided to give another Rs.2000/-. As he received this amount, he didn’t have any words to express his feelings and was in tears! He kept weeping all the time till we left. We returned home with lot of satisfaction in our hearts !


Many of us have excess clothes in our cupboards which neither we use nor anyone uses. We collect such good used clothes and distribute to the poor and needy. Hearing about our activity, one generous person came to us and donated around 45 good used clothes for distribution to the needy. If you also have clothes that you don’t use, in your cupboard, you may consider giving it to the needy people around you. Here’s what that person gave!

art of giving old clothes The Art Of Giving

Someone had earlier posted in my Facebook wall,”It’s a sin to have clothes/items in your cupboard that you don’t use. Give them to those who need them badly!”1I skipped off the message just like that then. Later, as I was browsing through the cupboard for a shirt, something spoke into my heart about this.

I found I had lot of clothes I haven’t used for months together. God spoke into my heart and we, as a family, gathered all used clothes and started searching for the needy and giving them the same. We found that our joy of giving was more than their joy of receiving!

Encouraged by the grateful response we saw, we started asking our friends to look into their cupboards as well. We collected manageable quantities matching the inflow and outflow. One person donated 4 pairs of costly used shoes which proved to be a blessing to a few needy College students. Just for the cost of one pizza/burger, we can buy tops for 3 young children! For Rs.100, 3 good tops can be purchased.. We visited a few orphanages and distributed new/used clothes. It was amazing to see children bubbling with joy when we gave the clothes and biscuits.Most of them were starving for clothes.

Proverb 11:25 also  says “He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed”.I encourage each one of you to give whatever surplus you have to our needy brethren around.

Thirsty Tongues:-

Here are a group of rag pickers who collect ‘tulsi’ leaves from various places in the town. At the end of the day, they sell the collected leaves to the market dealers. We spotted them at noon time thirsty and looking for water to drink. We ordered for food packets in a nearby restaurant and gave them for their lunch. They were so happy to have the packets as they were very hungry after a tiring work. All it costs was only Rs 150/- !

art of giving india The Art Of Giving


A few days back, this lady came to our house early in the morning selling bunches of spinach. She hardly had a stock of around Rs.100 or 200 worth of spinach. We could see a kind of tiredness in her face. We asked her if she had her breakfast that morning. The moment we asked her, she burst into tears saying “No ma”. Then we asked her “Don’t you have anyone in the house to take care of you?”.

She answered that her children have gone away leaving her and her husband alone. Her husband is chronically sick. So she is the only breadwinner for the family. She can have her breakfast only after selling enough spinach to buy her breakfast! We were wondering how much she can make selling this small stock of spinach! Maybe Rs.50 or at the most Rs.100? Imagine her plight! We offered her food and Rs.130 for her other needs.

She was shocked to see Rs.130 and again burst into crying.  With a grateful heart she was telling “I prayed to God in the morning and He has only done this”. She went away with a happy and a hopeful heart! Rs 130 might not be a big amount to you, but it means so much to some people. So, do not hesitate to give any small amount, even if it is Rs.10 to someone in need.

art of giving 1 The Art Of Giving

Areas For Possible Help:-

If you have a heart to help, there are plenty of areas available for it. For example, ’Education’ is one area where poor people struggle to make both ends meet. We found two young students 3rd std and 4th std who were sent out of School for non-payment of fees amount of just Rs.3000 each. This amount may not be a big amount for a high income salaried or business class.

Realizing their plight we mobilized Rs.6000 from two willing friends and put the children back into the School! You should see the kind of joy they had when they knew that they are going to be back into the School. Another area where one can help is’ Medical Emergencies’. We can either put them in touch with charitable hospitals or give them whatever monetary help possible from our side.

The Spiritual Law of Giving:-

The physical law of giving is like this. If you have Rs.100 with you and if you give the entire 100 to someone, you will end up having 0 as balance. But in spiritual law, if you have Rs.100 and if you give the entire 100 to someone in need, your balance is not essentially 0 !The balance replenishes automatically somehow! Sometimes, the balance may even multiply to Rs1000 or more! You might be wondering how this is possible! Try and you will know how!

The more you ‘give’ the more you ‘get’!God blesses you with money, so that you bless others! So, today if you are blessed with a good income, know that it is time for you to bless others! 

Source:-India Opines