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Things to Consider when Hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Parties and dinner invitation to a friend is always required in life. So it is better to have a good focus towards the kind of invitation cards you make or prepare for your friends.

Murder mystery games are becoming a rage nowadays. They are super fun. In these party games, one plays the role of a murderer and others need to guess who it is. The game typically begins with a plot; a murder mystery that the attendees of the party need to solve with the help of clues given to them. The games may be structured or freeform. In the former type, the attendees are instructed on how to enact, what to say, and given characters. In freeform games, the investigation is left up to the attendees. When made a part of dinner parties, these games are played in groups and last for a couple of hours, after which dinner is served.

The parties are usually themed around the game, wherein the guests are supposed to dress as per the roles given to them. And the invitations, food, and decorations may also be mystery-themed. Elements related to ‘murder’ and ‘mystery’; for example, red or orange colored food, fake blood, etc. are often included in a murder mystery dinner party. Here’s your guide to hosting one.


Invitations are an important part of a murder mystery dinner party. Since, you would be having a character-based game (which means each attendee will be given a role to play), it’s important that all the invitees attend the party.

Send invitations well in advance so that your guests get ample time to work on their costumes. Ask them to RSVP.

Assign roles according to the personalities of the attendees.


Send them the character descriptions as soon as they confirm their presence. It should have all the details about the character, like the personality traits and body language. The guests can add their own twist to the characters, but the plot shouldn’t change.