Tiger Shroff's smoldering macho look for Filmfare's next issue
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Tiger Shroff’s smoldering macho look for Filmfare’s next issue

Tiger Shroff, who was trolled for his fair features and likened to Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Gandhi, has been quietly working towards acquiring a rugged, macho look
Tiger Shroff may be just two films old but the 26-year-old actor has come a long way as far as his reel life avatar goes. Around the release of his debut film, ‘Heropanti,’ online trolls likened Jackie’s ‘chikna’ cub to Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Gandhi, a ‘compliment’ the debutant chose to shrug off, saying nonchalantly, “The fact that people are talking about me means I’ve made an impact. I don’t let these things bother me. I like to focus on my work and do it well.” (Mirror, June 23)But it was obvious that the unwanted comparisons were playing on his mind going by his rugged metamorphosis in his follow-up film, ‘Baaghi,’ which released this April. In fact, a recent photo shoot for Filmfare has made everyone sit up and take notice of his newly-acquired avatar. Celebrity stylist Nitasha Gaurav reveals that it was preceded by a 10-day brainstorming session, followed by a round of colour trials before zeroing in on the denim”His dad, Jackie, was an inspiration of sorts. He’s an extremely good-looking guy, a style icon with a raw vibe about him when he made his own screen debut back in the 1980s,” points out Nitasha, adding that they settled for a young, classy, rugged look for Tiger too. “I asked him to retain his stubble as it made him look macho and sexy. He is disciplined about his workouts and is in perfect shape so I didn’t have to do much there.”Point out that Tiger’s new look is strikingly similar to his screen idol, Hrithik Roshan’s, and she brushes it off as “just a coincidence”. Tiger himself is extremely kicked about this look which has got him overwhelming feedback. “Many thought the beard would make me look more mature but for me, the transformation was more internal and I believe there’s still some room for improvement,” he quips.