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Tips to Make a Fairy Godmother Costume this Halloween

Halloween is the time of the year for which we wait for the entire year. Everyone wants to get a avatar or look different from the previous Halloween season. Some ideas of fairy godmother costume has been discussed here.

Fairy godmothers have always found special mention in fairy tales and folktales. It’s fairly simple in the fairy world, if you have a problem? Do not worry! If you’re of good virtue, she will come and unleash her magical powers to help you. How easy it may sound in fantasy, yet, we all wish to have one in real life, too. Well, the dictionary defines a fairy godmother as ‘a generous benefactor’.

But if you want to be that ‘benefactor’ this Halloween, you can dress up like one, and win praise and applause. A fairy godmother is usually considered to be the head of all fairies, having expertise in magical powers. Thus, she has a more mature demeanor, contrary to those little fairies. Though it can be an ideal costume for an older woman, little girls may also love to dress as Fairy godmother.

Buzzle gives you some tips to make a costume of Fairy godmother, this Halloween. A fairy godmother may have different versions―sometimes, she may even appear bespectacled. You can pick the one you wish to don.

Things You’ll Need

For the dress

An evening gown of pretty pastel colors such as blue, pink, white, green, etc. (You could use your prom nightdress, or borrow it from your friend.)

Please note that if you want to dress like the Godmother in Cinderella, you’ll need a long blue satin robe with a hood, and then tie a pink ribbon around your neck.

Footwear which will look pretty with your dress (though it will not be visible, the color should complement your gown.)

Star-shaped sequins, glitters and bows, which can give you that extra ‘magical’ look.

White or color coordinated gloves for your hands.

For the wings

There are various innovative ways through which you can make the wings. For detailed description, you can refer to Buzzle’s article on making beautiful and attractive fairy wings.

For the wand

This is the most important part of the costume, and you will need the following.

Cardboard or stars from your Christmas decorations.

Glitters, sequins, bows, and laces (alternatively, you can use silver spray paint, for the stars.)

Chopstick/straw/ bamboo stick of appropriate size.

For the hairband/tiara

You can buy a readymade tiara from the market.

Alternatively, to design your own, you ‘ll need:

A daily wear hair band.

Flowers, sequins or stars with which you can beautify the hair band (either buy them, or use your old Christmas decorations.)


Instead of a tiara, you can also use a dunce cap.