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Vidya Balan: Would love to do a Meena Kumari biopic now

Vidya Balan, the actress who refuses to be dodged by her haters and continues to give mind-blowing performances one after the other, is back as yesteryear actress Geeta Bali in the Bhagwan Dada biopic ‘Ekk Albela’. In an exclusive interview to Timesofindia.com, the ‘TE3N’ actress opened up about her choice of roles, wanting to do a biopic on Meena Kumari and more. Excerpts:
After playing Silk Smitha in ‘Dirty Picture’, you are now playing Geeta Bali in ‘Ek Albela’. Do you have a fascination for biopic roles?
It’s not a biopic (of Geeta Bali). I am just recreating two songs of Geeta Bali from the film ‘Albela’ for the biopic of Bhagwan Dada. Yes, I am fascinated by real life characters as much as I am fascinated by imaginary characters. It’s hugely challenging when you have to play a real person especially an actor whom the audiences know. It was challenging but I was very excited to play her as I always found her very charming. Even though facially we are not similar looking, the make-up artist Vidyadhar Bhatte, the hair stylist Shalaka and the costume designer Subarna have done a great job in trying to make me look as close to her as possible. I had to just watch the songs to imbibe some of her mannerisms. I hope I have been able to do it well.
How easy or difficult was switching from Vidya Balan to Geeta Bali?
I have always been a fan of hers. I have liked the songs from ‘Albela’. ‘Chand dhale khidki tale’ is one of my favourite songs. I watched her and tried to imitate her expressions and I hope I have been successful. It’s a five-day role. I have done two songs for the film, ‘Shola jo bhadke’ and ‘Bholi surat’.
You have surprised us by appearing in your on-screen avatars for the promotions of your films ‘Dirty Picture’ and ‘Kahaani’. This time you turned up as Geeta Bali for ‘Ek Albela’s music launch…
Basically I am in a special appearance in ‘Ek Albela’. I am hardly promoting the film. I was there for the music launch. I just thought to be there, so I came in the look.
You do look like Geeta Bali in the reprised song ‘Bholi surat’. How do you manage to submerge yourself in a role so well?
I watched the songs repeatedly to try and imitate her expressions. If you are saying that I look pretty much like her, then that means I have been a bit successful. I am very happy about it.