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Welcome 2 Karachi movie review: This Arshad Warsi-Jackky Bhagnani comedy is no laughing matter!

The movie falters in its journey to provide serious LOL-worthy moments!

Unlike its meaning, comedy is really a serious business. One silly mistake, and you could fall flat on your face. It’s not easy to be a David Dhawan or a Priyadarshan, forget Rajkumar Hirani. Ashish R Mohan, who previously helmed the Akshay Kumar-starrer Khiladi 786, ventures again into the business of comedy that has something to do with our neighbouring country. Did he manage to make a mark? I am afraid, the answer begins and ends in disappointment.

What’s it about:

Kedar (Jackky Bhagnani) is the son of a Gujarati party planner (Dalip Tahil), who has his own plans to relocate to US and set up his own business there, but couldn’t do so because of visa problems (I have no ideas what’s wrong with the surname of Patel, that US wants to ban them from entering their soil). Shammi (Arshad Warsi) is a former Naval officer, who now works under Kedar’s father. One day, they hijack one of the party boats and take it on a cruise for a night long party, but the boat is capsized in a storm and gets sunk along with both our heroes. When they wake up next, they realise that they are in a hospital in Pakistan, Karachi to be exact. From thereon starts their misadventures to get back home, where every Pakistani they meet is either a gun-toting maniac or a terrorist. And we pray that they reach home soon, so that we can run out of the theatre as fast as we can!

What’s hot:

For a comedy, W2K is not entirely a failure, unlike that horrendous Ram Kapoor-Sunny Leone comedy, Kuch Kuch Locha Hai, released a couple of weeks ago. Certain gags and scenes work in the favour of the film. Worthy to be mentioned here is the one scene when Shammi and Kedar thinks they reached Indo-Pak border, and their reactions after that. Also loved the scene where one Pakistani news channel creates an entire fictional family for the Indian duo, when they are lauded as Pakistani heroes for blasting a Taliban camp. Unfortunately for the viewers, such gags are quite rare. Actually the best quips are all there in the trailer. Another positive for the movie is the lead performers. Arshad is really good, as he delivers his trademark quips in his inimitable style, though at times he looks repetitive and disinterested. Jackky Bhagnani gives ample support to Arshad; his Gujarati accent is humorous and effective, but, even that feels stretched as the narrative drones on.

What’s not:

As I had mentioned before, comedy is not an easy genre to attempt. Not making a good attempt at it is like putting your hand straight in the flame. When you think of terrorism and comedy, the first film that comes to mind is Tere Bin Laden, a smart comedy made a few years back. What worked for TBL is that, even for a comedy, it didn’t try to make us laugh at each scene and dialogue. It allowed us to familiarise with the narrative and laugh with the film where it was required. That’s where W2K falters – it tries to make us laugh at each and every scene, because it has proclaimed itself as a mindless comedy. Every character, be it major or minor, has an intro tag, with their name and adjective like ‘Genius’, ‘khadoos’, ‘corrupt’ etc. in case you don’t get the idea while watching the film. Every scene and dialogue has an irritating musical cue to make you realise they have made a joke, in case you didn’t get the punchline. The Taliban camp portions reminded me so much of that underrated British black comedy, Four Lions, but in here, they are so weak in execution. The editor seems to have gone on a strike in the post-interval portions as the scenes keep on dragging forever. And there is the stereotype syndrome – Every Pakistani is a gun-toting jerk (Not Baby…this film should be banned in Pakistan for showing them in such a poor light!). Every American is a selfish fool and every Gujarati is a miserly businessman. And sorry boss, we can’t find any kind of hilarity in bomb blasts that kill people or third degree tortures, even if they are in Pakistan. Plus, there is a totally unrequired item dance. Even the characters of the leads are so confusing – are they really dim-witted or just plain naïve? Shammi was supposed to be an  ex-naval officer, yet he cannot handle guns (in the start at least…) or work out on proper escape plans; how did the Army recruit such morons in the first place! The secondary characters, including Lauren Gottlieb, are weak and listless. The climax will make your jaw drop with the sheer amount of absurdity displayed. And it ends in a cliffhanger that totally disregards the final conflict. That’s real lazy writing, dude!

What to do:

If you are ones who found Sajid Khan movies funny or Navjot Singh Siddhu’s jokes hilarious, this movie will work for you. The rest who are dreamers like me, that are waiting for that one great comedy that will keep us chuckling even after the show is over, well…that wait just got longer…