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What are the Rules of Secret Santa?


If you’re thinking you’d like to go with this whole Secret Santa plan, we’re here to help you organize it flawlessly. Follow some basic rules, and this ritual will be fabulous, and you can be sure that everyone who participates will be gushing about this all year!

Decide the group you want to do this with
First and foremost, you need to decide which group of people from your social circles you want to experience Secret Santa with. It could be your family, your wide friends circle, the people you work with, etc. You can try mixing groups only if you’re very sure it’ll work. Often, people find that mixing two different groups is a bad idea. So, mix your friends and family only when you’re certain that they all know each other and will be comfortable with this arrangement.

Make the invites
Once you’ve decided who you want to include in this plan, invite all the prospective participants either in person or via email. Ask them to RSVP though, you have to know how many people are willing to participate before you begin with the actual ritual. Once you have their replies, you can go ahead to the next step.

Draw names
Once you have all your participants, have the custom of drawing names for Secret Santa. You can do this the traditional way―have all the participants get together, write everyone’s names on pieces of paper, fold them up, and put them in a hat or a bowl. Have each person pick out a chit of whose Secret Santa he’s going to be (and not reveal who he picked!). Sure, there might be the usual goof-up where someone draws their own name, but you can handle it by having everyone redraw. If you’re having a Secret Santa with someone who lives far away, you can have the drawing of names online, too. There are plenty of Secret Santa sites that will help you do this smoothly.

Declare the Secret Santa time period
All the participants are supposed to be given a time period during which they have to get a gift for the person they’ve picked and deliver it secretly. Make sure the time you give everyone is comfortable and does not become a source of stress―make it a week, two weeks, whatever you feel is best.

Declare the spending limit
This gift-exchange has to have a spending limit so that everyone taking part can easily afford it―don’t set extravagant spending limits which might embarrass any participant. The point of this exchange is bonding with people, and extravagant gifts aren’t necessary to do that. Set a basic spending limit―it could be USD 10, it could be USD 30, or it could be USD 100―it really depends upon the group you’re doing this with. Maybe, it would be a good idea to declare this spending limit in advance so that participants know how much they’re expected to spend.

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