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Why do journalists NOT want Aamir Khan to play J Dey in biopic Mid Dey?

Aamir Khan has been one of the most perfectionist actors in Bollywood. Ace filmmaker Nandita Singgha approached him for her upcoming biopic Mid Dey based on murdered crime journalist J Dey. Rumours suggested that Aamir had read the script and secretly given a nod for the film and therefore the pre-production work had also started. But this news that we got today left us in shock!

Many journalists do not want Aamir Khan to portray the character of J Dey in the biopic. The filmmaker also got some threats over the phone stating the same that she shouldn’t sign on Aamir for the film and rather go ahead with someone else. We wonder why…

Sources claim that many journalists believe that Aamir being a superstar tends to get the script done in his own way. He get the script altered, however, only for the betterment of it, but with a biopic like that of J Dey, that shouldn’t happen. That’s the basic reason why many journalists are voicing out their opinion against Aamir doing the film.

There was no confirmation from anyone on this, but wethinks that Aamir would be the best suited for the role. However, his choc-a-bloc schedule may be the only thing that might come in the way of him portraying J Dey in the biopic. He is presently busy with Dangal till 2016 December andNandita wants to shoot the film as early as possible. Now only time will tell as to what will happen of the J Dey biopic now. Keep reading this space for more information on Mid Dey right here on BollywoodLife.