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Why does Ranveer Singh wants 750 bucks from everyone?

Ranveer Singh is essentially known as an actor who is high-spirited and crazy to the point of being wild. Yes, guess that’s what makes him so different from every one from his generation. He is fun, witty, wicked and very whacky. It seems that’s the reason his recent ad for the mid-day meal drive that he is associated with looks so real. That’s because when you shoot with kids, you need to be one and Ranveer fits that perfectly.

Ranveer is now associated with an NGO called Akshay Patra which arrange mid-day meals for kids in more than 10,000 school all across the country. Speaking to a daily, Ranveer said that he is elated because it deals with kids and he hates the fact that there are so many child labourers in India who has to work to feed themselves. Ranveer is funding the mid-day meals of 10,000 kids for a year.

The ad he shot for the same drive is really interesting. Ranveer manages to be a kid among the kids, clicking selfies with them, braiding the hair of a little girl, playing with them and more such wonderful moments. It is difficult to envision anyone else in this ad. He looks so at ease with the kids that it is really heart-warming. All the actor is asking from everyone is to shell 750 bucks for these kids in this video.