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Why Indian Parents Are So Obsessed with Government Jobs?

‘It was 8.15 AM in the morning and I was ready to leave my room for work when I got a call on my phone. It was my father, and all of a sudden I started getting jitters in my stomach with multiple thoughts running into my mind, including a few negative ones, as he rarely calls me at this time. Without any delay I received the call and my jitters continued until I heard his voice. He sounded normal and everything seemed to be okay. I felt relaxed as he continued to speak. He then started talking about the latest vacancies for the post of P.O.(Probationary Officers) in a certain Public Sector bank.

government job Why Indian Parents Are So Obsessed with Government Jobs?

My mind starts to go blank and my heart sinks as he continues to speak and asks me to fill the form as soon as possible. I don’t speak anything else but make a sound of yes and wish to finish this conversation as soon as possible. I feel disappointed but then gather myself up and head to the office.’ This is the story of my friend who recently started to work as an Assistant Designer in an Export house. She might have been successful in getting a degree and choosing a career of her interest but her parents never seemed to be happy with her decision.

This story relates to lot of us, doesn’t it? No matter what job you’re into, how much you’re earning, one time or another you might have been asked or at least being suggested by someone to drop everything and start your preparation for a government job. You might be working in a multi-national company, earning in five figures or enjoying the foreign trips but if you need to have ‘stability’ in your life you got to be working for the government my dear.

Let’s get to the root of this:-

As compared to the population of a billion people, the number of jobs available is considerably less, moreover, the consistent cases of retrenchments reflects that the only stable and secure career lies in working for the government. And of course, who can deny the other ‘perks’ government jobs come with? For instance, if you’re a guy your ‘net worth’ increases for marriage and there are huge chances you may get double the dowry as compared to the poor MNC guy. And for a girl, it’s always best to go for a government job, because at the end of the day you need to be ‘stable’ in your life right, you can’t work for late hours or travel abroad for a private company!

I’m not saying the people who go for government jobs are wrong and it’s perfectly okay for you to drop a year or two to prepare for the written test (which requires reading multiple books and solving endless number of questions. Urgh!) But it should not be an imposed decision, it should be by choice. It should be because you wanted to go for it and not because your parents wanted it for you or since your cousin cleared the bank clerk exam so now you’ve got to pass the P.O. exam.

 I agree that government jobs provide a steady and secure career but what about your interest? What if you don’t want a stable career and rather want to explore new career paths every few years? What if you don’t care about the pension that you’re going to get after retirement and rather just want to save enough to travel to new places and explore the world? Is it even guaranteed that you’re going to live till your retirement?  What if you don’t bother about the steady pay check and rather want to follow your hobby or passion? You might earn less but at least you’ll be happy. What if you don’t want to go through the phase of solving those multiple choice questions and would rather spend that time learning guitar, may be photography, painting or anything you love?

Do you ever ask yourself a question? What do you live for? Is it a pay check? A big house? A long-term pension plan?

No. We live to be happy, rather we should live to be happy and be happy in the present. All our life we seek happiness and want our loved ones to be happy and if your children believe their happiness lies in the unpredictable, unconventional and ‘not-so-according to you’ life, shouldn’t you as a parent let them have it?

So in the process of seeking happiness for ourselves, why are we perceived as a bad son/daughter? Is this the parameter to decide?

If we don’t want to follow what they want for us and don’t want to walk the conventional path but rather stand away from the crowd, is there anything bad in it? Who are we to decide anyways? A wise man once said, if you make your hobby your work, you may never have to work again. Choose what you really want because ultimately, it’s you who has to take charge of your life because there is no one else who can live your life for you.

Source:-India Opines