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Will it be Kangana Ranaut vs Deepika Padukone at the award seasons all over again?

We definitely think so and here’s why…

Deepika Padukone made headlines when she dedicated her Best Actress award for Happy New Year to Kangana Ranaut for Queen. She felt the latter deserved it more. Rather than being happy, Kangana took offence to it saying she should have called instead to exclaim the same which Deepika did! They were pitted against each other last year and it seems this year too, they will fight it out at the award ceremonies. Only difference being, next year they wouldn’t have to dedicate their awards to anyone but themselves. While Deepika’s Piku has already become the toast of the season, Kangana’s Tanu Weds Manu Returns is getting rave reviews.

People who have watched the sequel to the 2011 hit, are convinced that Kangana has rocked it again. They can’t stop gushing over the actress’s acting prowess. The original film helped her break the stereotypes that she had slid into after her debut film Gangster. She was wild, incoherent, unmanageable and completely bonkers in the film. It was so unlike anything we have seen Kangana doing before that everyone just loved it. The second film promises to be yet another cracker of a piece and if the industry people who watched the film is to be believed, Kangana has outdone herself in the film!

As for Piku, there is nothing left to say what we haven’t already. Deepika’s simple presence bound by a simple narrative has warmed our hearts. She played the daughter of a nagging father so well it is heartwarming. Guess you need a director like Shoojit Sircar to put faith in a mainstream actress to just be natural in the film.

Last year, Kangana’s Queen feat was unanimous as Happy New Year didn’t have Deepika at her best. It’s a kind of role that she has done many times without difficulty. But Piku is an incredible piece of cinema that proved to everyone that she is a great performer. So it won’t be wrong to say that both the actresses are strong contenders for the Best Actress trophies next year. Yes, we agree there is also the formidable performance by Anushka Sharma in NH10 but it seems one of the two, Kangana and Deepika, might turn out to be the big winner. Whatever is the outcome, we are glad that someone who deserves it will own it