“Women’s day and then, what?” writes singer Shalmali Kholgade
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“Women’s day and then, what?” writes singer Shalmali Kholgade

PING!!! And I wake up to a flood of texts in my inbox, wishing me Happy Women’s Day and reiterating why women are very important to the society. But this specific message from a restaurant – ‘Wishing you a very happy women’s day! It’s your day today… Celebrate life to the fullest and take a break from your busy schedule and do what your heart says!’ which made me think “Why just today?!” These messages sound more like a formality and less of a feeling! But the sad truth is that this gratitude and love is limited to this day, and takes a backseat on the other 364 days of the year.

Since 1914, we have been celebrating this day to embrace womanhood, to feel privileged for the things we have now, for which our ancestors had once bravely fought and achieved. However, do we need only one day to celebrate that? Well, we don’t need just a day’s celebration, we need contemplation! Because Women’s Day might come and go but I’m not sure if I can vouch for the same regarding a woman’s dignity.
When I was young my dad always taught me, “Think For Yourself”, the reason being, at every walk of your life you will be tagged along for a lot of things that won’t even surpass your intentions. In this society of stereotypical minds, everything we do earns us a label we don’t want: slut, whore, virgin, innocent, stupid — you name it, we’ve heard it at some point in our lives. If we don’t behave in a certain way, we don’t act according to the norms society has laid down for us, we are put down. Everyone expects us to be ‘A GOOD GIRL’, but doesn’t that good girl have her own dreams and aspirations? And that’s when I thanked my father, because giving someone else the power to make you feel how you feel is not something worth expecting.