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Zareen Khan to share her fitness secrets

It’s not easy to step into the shoes of Bollywood stars. But fans can go to any length to get that perfect look and physique of their favourite on screen idols. So here’s some great news. You can easily access stars’ health secrets by following them on Follo InchByInch. The show will highlight the fitness secrets of top Bollywood celebrities, their workout regime, diet and the trainers behind their fab body.
The first celebrity on the show is gorgeous actress Zareen Khan, who has lost oodles of weight and now boasts of a svelte figure. Follo InchByInch Season 2 premiers on June 2, Thursday at 5 pm on your favorite music channel MTunesHD. Tune in to watch Zareen, who will share the secrets of her fitness regime and inspire you to flaunt a perfect physique.