5 reasons why Karan Johar is the King of Cool!

Karan Johar will be celebrating his 43rd birthday today, and we wishes the talented icon Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day! Karan Johar is such a legend that the phrase ‘master of none…’ should be

Karan Johar will be celebrating his 43rd birthday today, and we wishes the talented icon Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day! Karan Johar is such a legend that the phrase ‘master of none…’ should be changed to ‘master of all he surveys’ in his case. He is an acclaimed director. After the sad demise of his father, he has handled the running of Dharma Productions very well. He is a fantastic television host, and with Bombay Velvet, he proved himself to be competent actor.

If someone has to be good at all these major fields, there is to be some kind of connect people have with him, his films or his image. Almost every star wants to act in his films or his productions. Above all, he is the epitome of coolness.

His films adheres to both Western and desi aesthetics


Let’s start off with his first film – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai – where Rahul meets Tina and asks her to be his friend by giving her a friendship band. Soon, those bands became a rage in schools and colleges. In the same film, a British loving Johnny Lever is made to sing bhajans with the kids. The phrase from his last film with SRK, My Name is Khan…and I am not a terrorist, became a catchphrase soon among the youth after its release. There are NRI’s, there are characters who speak Hindi peppered with English, yet they are rooted to their Indian values. His films shows both parties at pubs as well as a sangeet ceremony n the same light without criticising any of them.

Even in his larger-than-life films, he dares to experiment



People who say Karan Johar is not an experimental director needs to see his films carefully. Yup, they are larger-than-life, and that what makes it enjoyable on screen, but he doesn’t rehash stuff for the sake of it. For example in Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, he portrays the intricacies of infidelity and had the guts to show that staying in a loveless marriage is not always a great option. In My Name is Khan, his protagonist was a Muslim suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, who takes a countrywide journey to meet the President of US to say he is not a terrorist. In his short film forBombay Talkies, he touches the taboo subject of homosexuality, while showing an open kiss between its lead male actors. Now say he is not experimental!

He observes the trends and businesses of cinema very carefully


Karan Johar is a keen observer of what’s going around in the industry, be it Bollywood or outside. He found potential in Chetan Bhagat’s 2 States, and made it into a successful movie. Likewise he also brought the rights of the Hollywood drama, Warriors to make the upcoming Akshay Kumar-Sidharth Malhotra starrer, Brothers, as he knew there is a huge demand for MMA in India nowadays. He has entered into a collaboration with S.S. Rajamouli for Baahubali, ‘cos he knew the movie would be a huge movie and a talking point for months to come. Even his flop films had relevant topics – Ungli went into production when Indian youth was up in arms against corruption, but the unfortunate delays reduced its impact. Kurbaan was made at the time Saif-Kareena was the hottest topic around, mas well as terrorism. KJo really knows to find the right pulse.

Even in his forties, he can connect with the youth and teenagers


He made Student of the Year, after he entered his forties and after handling two mature subjects in KANK and MNIK. If the movie became a blockbuster, it’s because the youth could relate to the same. That’s his biggest quality – he is forever young. The inherent sense of humour in all his films are easy to relate with, not the slap stick ones, but the ones we like to have with our friends, springing jokes on them and cracking over it. He is very much active on all social platforms.

With his AIB stint, he proved he can be adventurous and gutsy


Though AIB stint had given him both bouquets as well as brickbats, one must admire his daring to get on stage and tell all those jokes, we all love to hear in our circle of friends but never dare to say in public. Though whether these jokes are to made in a public event or not is still debatable, but hey! If we can laugh at Seth Rogen and James Franco ribbing at each other in public or if we can abuse our fellow passengers when we travel in a crowded trains, then we are the biggest hypocrites in criticising Karan. By hosting that show, Karan managed to laugh at our own insecurities with regards to the double standards we have in every aspect of our life.